Monday, April 6, 2009

sleepy time (one) mix - track list

1. hudson mowhawke - star crackout

2. the rotary connection - respect

3. chrysalis - april grove

4. hedge & donna - midnight

5. the seeds - faded picture

6. atlas sound - unicorn rainbow odyssey

7. express rising - time and time again

8. donovan - get thy bearings

9. spirit - the other song

10. mark-almond - song for a sad musician

11. lee michaels - who could want more

12. dorothy ashby - for some we loved

13. rehash - arrangement for guitar, keys & voice

14. nancy sinatra & lee hazlewood - sundown, sundown

15. jukka tolonen - no quarter

16. le feelings - day by day

17. malo - say good bye

here is the basic track list so far for those that are curious. I'll try and update it with the time that each track comes in and some short annotations for each track

word is bond.

PS - I wanted to include some pictures up in this post of the cd/packaging, but didn't get a chance to do so before I dropped them off. so if anyone could hook that up and e-mail me some pictures I would be forever grateful.


Erica said...

Hello, my name is Erica and I've been looking to buy a copy of Road to Colossus but can't seem to find it. I was told to get in touch with Sleepy Time Projects and am hoping you can help with my dilemma :] do you have the sweet hook-ups to make this happen? Thanks!

rawblades said...

I can't say exactly when it's coming out at the moment, but it is tentatively scheduled for a late summer 2009 re-release. for any more info you could contact
-r ob