Saturday, September 29, 2007

stampede - bobby digital edition and more


thanks to everyone who came out on thursday, that shit was the motherfuckinhotness. thanks to my mom for being the sleepy time mom. thanks to sara and natalie for hosting us. thanks to devin for being a true g with a staple gun and a wood burner. thanks to whyte reign for patience while i took forever to figure out the video chat. thanks to ben tedore for projecting and dvd burning assistance. im gonna say that one twice, thanks to ben tedore for projecting and dvd burning assistance, oh yeah and digital printing assistance too. thanks to sarah turner(sp?) for figuring out how to stop the projector from overheating. thanks to toni rock for china east for me and my boo. thanks to dr alston for putting in hella work to make the video piece hot-to-death. thanks to reacto for building some shit, and building it again when it was called for. thanks to satin touch for getting your fedex right.

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passecliche said...

+ thanks to blades for running around town picking up stamps, ink, flasks, and generally handling shit like the calm, collected suave man he is.