Tuesday, August 28, 2007

that's MR. Rockstar to you

A brief recap of the recent TITLE FIGHT held just east of Reno:

Round 1: Eno and his signature "1,000,000 Needle Punches" make the Champ weary. Looks like it could be a quick bout! Blades valiantly manages to keep morale up despite the annoying stings and the bell tolls, signaling a brief intermission...

Round 2: Blades fights back with new-found charisma and stamina! A wonderful left-hook from the Champ utterly stuns the novice Eno. Not since the Tenneson vs. Fitzgerald match of '47 have I seen such an impressively smashing coup! The referee jumps in, wisely declaring a TKO on behalf of newly crowned "Rockstar". Those betting on the young upstart should have known better; Blades once again proved why he is the reigning Champ. Now, his notorious "one/two" combo is all the more intimidating. Watch closely and you'll only catch a glimpse of the menacing Stampede destroying all foolish enough to get in the way.

(Soundtrack editing to come ASAP)

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