Friday, August 3, 2007


so, tonyboi doesn't want to get tattooed, but after he and i spoke about this yesterday i had some ideas that i think could be worth exploring further. the first one was a semi-joking solution that i think could be really intersting and add a sense of humor to the piece while addressing tony's concern that the audience wouldn't really be experiencing touch. i had jokingly said that tony should just get a stamp and stamp it on himself erryday, he said he would be down and then said that we should stamp people as they came into the show. today i was thinking about this and I think it might be dope to have 4 videos of people getting tattoos and then the last one would be a montage of tonyboi stamping himself everyday. then either next to or below tonyboi's video could be a shelf that would have the stamp that he used and a fresh inkpad, for fools to get they stamp on.
choppin' bliggity


satin touch said...

i like it.

rawblades said...

word, son. i'm going to try and post shit up erryday. get this blog poppin'