Saturday, June 9, 2007

satin touch's elephant fact of the day

elephants can be trained but never tamed. they place themselves and those around them into a pecking order, and they understand that they can rebel against and kill their trainers, handlers and human counterparts at any time. however, elephants are also smart enough to understand the concept of consequences, and they know that rebellion and disobedience will surely bring about some sort of punishment, usually extreme physical pain. like humans, elephants strive for peace and tranquility, and so they CHOOSE to perform and labor under the supervision of humans knowing that they can wile the fuck out and end this shit at any time if it gets to be too much to handle. like humans, they accept work as a fact of life, but they can get fed up with the grind too, naw mean? many handlers have died trying to forcefully coax an elephant (particularly a male elephant in musth) into performing or working against the animal's will. sometimes they just ain't feeling it. respeckognize.

(you may have to double-click on the video to get it to load up on the youtube site.)


rawblades said...

i'm feeling the helicoptor move.

Davida said...

Thanks for writing this.