Friday, May 18, 2007

tonyboy is the wind beneath my wings and now that he has ignited the inferno that this collaborative effort is destined to become, i will do my part to fan its flames by responding to his post. my first impression is that all of the ideas listed below have a lot of potential, but i am worried that they (except for the prophecy-spitting behemoth) might be heading in the easiest or the most predictable directions this project could take. i think that the five of us working together on this project could produce something really unique and amazing, and i would be bummed if it never got past the "you do this, i do that too, let's do it together" level of interaction. i guess what i am saying is that i would really like to see us slug this out as a fivesome- to create a body of work that is integrated and fully considered and holistic while still allowing each of us as individuals to do our respective damn things. i don't know how the rest of you guys feel about it (though i'm incredibly curious), but i'm not that stoked about the idea of a scattered, crammed together, "let's pack this bitch"-style, hodgepodge installation. i don't, however, have an immediate alternative to that way of may be trying to figure out some sort of framework that will allow for individual ideas and varying degrees of collaborative ideas (2 on 1! 5 on 1! hooray!) to exist in the same piece. tonigirl, caedron and i have briefly discussed the idea of time capsules- sculptures consisting of random found objects, drawings, mixtapes, dead birds or anything else that belongs in the ground in a specific location. rawblades and i had talked quite a while back about making a record, a legitimate vinyl record, that would consist of audio pieces on the vinyl and visual work on the the packaging...not so dissimilar from tonigirl's book that she made in the black rock press. thinking along those lines, we could do something where each of us creates a package, an audio/visual collaborative "book", with each of the other sleepytimers? a birdhouse coffin that, when you open it, spits pre-recorded prophecy at you? an elegant toni girl box filled with paper airplanes that you have to dig through to find the grimy-ass mix of baltimore club tracks laced by rawbliggity? a hand-sewn, silk-bound book with a hairminnesota stitched to the cover and a 'wigger's elegy' mixtape inside? ......obviously, the pairings would be more deliberate and intentional than that, but you get my point...on the real, i don't know what the answer is. time capsules and books may be dumb ideas, but they would be something unique to this group of five people at this very moment, and that is really what i am interested in. this won't be the last time that we work together in smaller groups, but it may be the only time all five of us get down together as a unit and so i want to make it as integrated as possible. that being said, i do think the "2-on-1" ideas that tony proposed could become some really great things. they all seem like they could be pieces, movements if you will, of a performance. possibly. maybe. i don't know. anyway, i will end this before i ramble on too much. i'll see you guys tomorrow.

p.s. bea goes with the flow you put in motion. if you spazz, she gonna spazz. if you behave, she gonna behave. maktub.


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