Friday, May 18, 2007

noble savages, unite!

Thank you Rob for pointing out that while jumpstlye may not be for everyone, dry-humping certainly is. And thank you Nick for bringing up the topic of collabo's. (Working with Tre would be pure unmitigated hotness. "We ain't morose; we just dig making videos of dead shit").

In line with that train of thought (collaborations), a loose proposal:

working with Toni girl on some paper folding project documented in a stop-animated manner
working with Rob on some sound/music mindfuckery
working with Caedron on some performance rawkus
working with Nick his dog to behave herself when she sees me.

and working with everyone on making a giant-ass 5 person behemoth of a luciously tentacled, bird-encrusted elephant covered in poetic surfaces and spouting prophecies from the rooftops of not only ConTemporary and Grayspace but NMA, PWS, UNR, WM, WHS, RHS, and SSS as well.

Maktub, Sleepytime +2.

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